Run an active travel event at your organisation

Run an active travel-based event at your organisation such as Walk to Work Day or National Ride2Work Day.

Walk to Work Day is a great reminders for employers and employees to build regular walking into their daily routine.

Use Walk to Work Day as an opportunity to encourage staff to get walking! You could run a walking challenge or host a lunchtime event? Remind staff that if you can't walk all the way then use public transport and get off the bus or train a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. Or why not try a walking a meeting? Check out our resource The Many Perks of Walking to Work.

National Ride2Work Day is Australia's largest celebration of commuter riding. Held annually in October, the day celebrates the benefits of riding to work and brings together the communities that support it.
Why not encourage staff to attend a Ride2Work breakfast (or host your own), reward people who actively travel on the day (with something from the Your Move 'shop') or provide support and encouragement to new riders. Head to the official National Ride2Work Day website for more information and resources.

If you are planning on hosting your own Ride2Work breakfast check out our handy resource How to Peddle a Winning Brekkie Event.