Run an Active Travel Rewards Campaign - Term 3 (1)

Promoting active travel with a rewards campaign is a great way to generate student enthusiasm. There are several ways Your Move can help you do this:

1 - Star Cards are a fun and simple incentive for kids to get to school actively. Cards are 'punched' when students walk, ride, scoot or catch public transport to school on a Regular Active Travel Day. When full they can be used as raffle tickets. Check out this resource to learn more about Star Cards

2 - Create a class trophy (e.g. The Golden Shoe) that goes to the class with the highest amount of active travellers each week/month.

Make sure you launch your rewards campaign with a big promotion and make sure you get the word out with regular communication to the class/school.

Don’t forget, you can earn 50 points each term by providing us with a story about your active travel rewards campaign.