2023 off to a flyer at Albany Primary

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

It’s been a big few weeks getting back in to the active transport zone at APS after a typically hectic start to the school year. We’ve got lots on the go - a new Your Move student team have taken the reins for this semester, and have hit the ground running with our first hands up survey (more on that later); the first lunchtime Bike Club session was held last week with some great new custom built jumps for the younger kids; and the Active Transport challenge is back on for this term. Hands Up survey day provided a few anxious moments this time around - as a well earned side effect of recording a series of best ever results last year! We didn’t quite reach the dizzying heights of 50% AT to school this time, but 46% is still a great result by any standard and gives us a solid base to move onward and upward for the year.

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James (Your Move)

Hey! Great to see you back from your estivation Andrea 😉 and to see it back in full swing at Albany PS. Getting your team in place has earned you 60 points and the Bike Club another 30 points. Make sure you give us an update on the AT Challenge launch! What is a 4% drop over summer, between friends 😉? Have a read of today's story from Caleb at Maylands Peninsula to put it in perspective 😲! You have also earned 10 points for your story details today. See you soon!

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