A new place to park our scooters!

Michelle Gust

We were able to redeem 500 points to get this great scooter rack. All of the wonderful work Albany Primary School has done to improve their use of active transport has helped us to earn this well needed addition to our bicycle parking area. Thank you to the Your Move team for this fantastic piece of equipment.

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The new scooter rack looks fantastic and is sure to be well used and encourage even more students to choose an active way of getting to school! Thanks for sharing the story of your success - what an inspiration to other schools. Love to hear what other rewards you're saving up for.

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Yay! Can't wait to see it full of scooters :)

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Katy (Your Move)

Scooter racks are a great tidy way for students to park their scooters! I'd love to see this rack full of scooters too! Thanks for sharing this photo Michelle.

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oh wow! Our school is trying hard to save for one of these. Would love to know if it has been worth it. Is it much better than the normal bike racks? At present our scooter rides lock theirs up at the bike rack. Can you post a picture of it in action?

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I promise to post a photo of it when it is fully functional.

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