Active Transport Championship (1)

Paul Carron
Albany Primary School

Albany Primary School's Active Transport Championship has started up again for Term 4.

This inter-class competition has been a big part of our rising active transport numbers and the kids are very excited to be a part of it and help their class win the prestigious trophy plus the 1 hour of "free-wheeling time" that comes with winning.

Attached is a poster showing the rising rates of active transport at APS and the timing of when we started to Active Transport Championship.

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James (Your Move)

You must be very happy to see the AT levels continue to rise, Paul. And to see that it has come all the way to 48% from 24% is amazing 😊. You have earned 60 points for continuing your Active Transport Championship in Term 4 and 10 points for sharing the details - it is particularly nice to hear the value the kids place on the "wheeling time" up for grabs.

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