Active Transport Championship - Term 2

Paul Carron
Albany Primary School

Results are in from our term 2 active transport championship. This competition is now a staple at APS from week 3 to week 8 each term. The prizes have changed slightly since it's inception but we haven't changed the process as all so the kids are becoming quite familiar with it. The main change in prizes has been a move away from individual rewards and a move towards more class rewards as these are cheaper, rewards more students and drive a more teamwork driven effort from the students.

Winner this term is Room 18 (Year 5) with a class average of 17.13 days active transported out of a maximum of 34 days. They will receive an hour of freewheeling time, a snack reward and the prestigious trophy to keep in their class for the term.

Room 23 (Year 3) win the Year 3/4 division with an average of 12.38 days and Room 8 (Year 1/2) win the Year 1/2 division with an average of 11.83 days. They will both receive an hour of freewheeling time, a snack reward.

Special mentions to Room 17 (Year 5) for being second overall with 16.13 days and Room 16 (Year 6) for being third overall with 13.34 days. These classes will receive an hour of freewheeling time for their efforts.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Paul - thanks for your Term 2 update on the challenge. Albany PS has earned another 60 points for running it again this term. Those averages are very impressive! Great to hear that the idea of class rewards is working well. You have also earned 10 points for all the details you shared in the story.

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