Albany Primary Safe Routes to School - Stage 1

Michelle Gust
Albany Primary School

Safe Routes to School stage 1 is underway, with some wonderfully motivated students helping to measure the pathway and work out how many footprints, stop signs and smiling faces we will have to paint. The first stage of the Stencil Activity will be focused on a pathway that connects two Children's crossings, cross a side road and a busy driveway. We are working in partnership with our high school, primary school, Your Move Coordinator and our City of Albany engineers to make sure that we have all safety protocols covered.

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Some great collaboration going on here, Albany PS! Wonderful to see so many groups working together for the greater good. Well done, everyone! Just a hint: we used the feet leading up to each crossing with Stop signs & eyes safely back from the cross-over point of the road.

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Thank you Arlene for the recommendation for the placement of the stop signs and eyes. We look forward to getting it underway.

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Justine (Your Move)

Loving the discussion! Thanks Michelle for sharing your school's progress on your Safe Routes to School activity. We'll be really keen to see how it looks when its finished, and what you and the students thought of the whole experience.

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