Bike parade rounds off a great year at APS

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

It doesn't take much encouragement to get our APS kids and families on their bikes. Even though it was a super hot morning (by Albany standards!) AND it was also the end of year water play day at school, we still had more than 40 students with their fabulously decorated bikes putting their best tinsel-ly wheel forward before school today. It was great fun and there was a huge amount of effort put in to the bike decorating. The Your Move student team had a tough job, but managed to pick out two junior and two senior winners who took home some fantastic prizes. We were also fortunate to have some extra giveaways for all our participants, thanks to the City of Albany and the Road Safety Commission. Big thanks to all who took part!

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Congratulations on a great event Andrea! By the looks of all the bikes, it looks like it was a raging success! It's soo hot up here today...How hot was it down there?

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32 in Albany today, which I know sounds like a cool change for you, but is hot enough for us!!

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James (Your Move)

Roll on summer! Water play plus dress up bike day - I'm picturing bike mounted water cannons! It looks like a rip roaring success and it has earned you 20 points plus a bonus 5 for sharing that 40 students were involved.

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