Bus week wrap

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Our first ever Bus Week was a resounding success at the end of last term. The Your Move student team did a fantastic job of stamping star cards all week for all our students who arrived by bus. We had some great feedback from parents and kids who were encouraged to try catching the bus for the first time - including Abbie and Sadie here :)

To round out the week, the Your Move student team drew out 5 lucky star card winners, who each received a great prize pack at the final assembly of Term 3. Here's hoping we keep that momentum going, and see our numbers of students catching the bus increasing into Term 4 and beyond.

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James (Your Move)

Your innovative 'Bus week' idea seems to have put smiles on at least 2 little face! I have relinked your story to the "Run an AT challenge" activity which gives you 50 points (rather than 25 for the assembly), plus you received a bonus 30 points for the innovative idea of specifically targetting bus use due to the school's catchment circumstances.

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