Creating a joining path

Michelle Gust
Albany Primary School

On Monday Albany Primary School children created a pathway through the school with the use of a stencil from the City of Albany. This pathway shows the route that students can take once they have dismounted their bikes that leads them to the bike racks and connects the existing pathways. We managed to paint seven of them before the rain came! Thank you to our enthusiastic students, our local council and school staff for supporting active transport.

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Katy (Your Move)

We love your new way finding signs Albany Primary School and what a great collaboration between your school - teachers and students - and the City of Albany. It would be great to know if this project can be replicated in other schools in Albany? And if the painted symbols will also be appearing on local streets surrounding the school?

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Great work! They look fantastic. We would love to see these around other schools in Albany too.

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