Dreaming big at the APS Your Move Leadership Lab

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

The Your Move Student Team at Albany Primary School embraced the opportunity to be part of a Your Move Leadership Lab yesterday. Looking on the bright side of our current COVID situation - more things being offered online are actually a great thing for regional schools! The students enjoyed creating a vision of life in 2050, which looks like a dream world of bikes, electric vehicles and being surrounded by nature. They've also made a great start on their project plan for how to improve active transport to school, which with support from Deputy Principal Mr Smith, will be ready to present at the pitch event next week. Good luck APS team, and thanks Your Move team and Millennium Kids for this great opportunity!

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James (Your Move)

Looks like you've got some budding urban planners there, looking at the quality of the 2050 plan! Was it a single day or two day Leadership Lab, Andrea? Let us know how the pitch goes and you can link the next story to the activity "YM Student Team presents to another class" (that is the closest we have to a pitch!). The team have earned 50 points for attending this Lab and you have earned another 10 points for filling us in with the details. See you soon 😊!

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