Education Minister Visit to APS MTB Track

Paul Carron
Albany Primary School

Education Minister Sue Ellery, along with local member for Albany Rebecca Stephens, visited Albany Primary School today to view our new mountain bike track. As part of the visit we discussed the project with her from start to finish including the project's origins in a Your Move connecting schools grant which provided the initial funding to get this project off the ground.

The head of our P&C's Active Transport Committee explained the Your Move program to Sue including the many ways that points are earned and how these points convert to dollar value allowing schools to purchase active transport promoting goods. She also explained how the points contribute towards accreditation level and how the accreditation level is what allowed our school to access the grant which was the first step in making our bike track dream a reality.

Sue also met our student Your Move team and discussed their important role in the Your Move program with them. We then took her to see the MTB track where our Your Move team showed her how it all works.

Details of the visit have been promoted on her Facebook page with our bright green shirted Your Move students all over it. As well as some promotion for the Your Move program, we hope this visit was was a good learning experience for Sue about the Your Move program and its beneficial impact in schools.

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James (Your Move)

Great job facilitating the Education Minister and local member to see the excellent MTB track created at Albany PS 🤩! You have earned 30 points for sharing your achievements in this way and 20 points for your informative story.

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