Encouraging a 'new normal' at APS

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

So we are all back at school and things are back to normal - right? Well not exactly! For a lot of families the daily routine at home and work has changed a lot during these past few months, and this includes the school drop off and pick up. A silver lining of these crazy times has meant that many families have spent more time walking and cycling, and we are definitely noticing the results of that with lots of kids using active transport to school either for the first time, or a lot more than they did previously.

The increase in independence that has come from the restrictions on parents entering school grounds has also been a positive in some cases, and we've heard of many students who are now walking or cycling to school independently instead of being dropped off by car.

So how to maintain those changes, with restrictions lifting and winter approaching?? We are starting a new campaign using our school and P+C social media to encouraging these great active transport habits. This is our first post, and there will be more to follow including practical tips on how to get started with active transport; information about our school bus routes; and a refresher on our Park + Ride/Walk map. Watch this space!

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Andrea and AT Committee! Great to see Albany PC not missing this opportunity. It looks like this copy might have also gone in a newsletter - is that the case?

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