Find your way to Albany Primary!

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

It's been a long road (as they say in the classics), but we finally have our wayfinding signage installed! Thanks to Your Move, we've now got five key locations marked with footpath signs that show how far it is to walk or ride from the spot to school. These locations tie in with our Park and Walk/Ride map, that is provided to all our school families to encourage them to find alternatives to the morning and afternoon rush in the school car parks.

To encourage a bit of 'sign spotting', we are going to run a competition through our P+C facebook page - with Your Move prizes going to the parents who are the first to spot each of the signs. Selfies will be optional :)

Wayfinding 3.PNG

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James (Your Move)

Another inspiring photo from Albany - the kids faces really show how much fun active travel can be! I bet the 'dog' is a bit sad that he can't join in. You linked your story to the correct YM activity and thus scored 60 YM points. Make sure you let us know how the comp goes to keep those points flowing in!

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And points to you James, for your expert knowledge of Albany landmarks!! :)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Andrea! I spent almost every childhood summer on Frenchman Bay Road!

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