New bike racks for Albany Primary

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Good things come to those who wait...we've just had our fantastic new bike racks installed, thanks to our 2019 Connecting Schools Grant! We decided to spread the love around the school, with a couple of additional racks near our main bike parking, as well as a new rack in our junior area, and some parking for our staff. It's been great to see the new facilities so well used already, and we've been especially pleased to see this gorgeous bike parked outside the staff room. Congratulations to Mrs Gardner, who received a coffee voucher from the APS Your Move team for christening the staff bike rack!

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Albany PS! Ah yes, the Gazelle, a very nice bike. Great promo idea to get the staff onboard. Your new parking earned you 80 points plus 25 for your promotion!

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