New bike shelter thanks to Connecting Schools Grant at Albany PS

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

We are so excited that our new bike shelter has finally been installed at Albany Primary! It’s been quite a journey, as anyone who has tried to build something in 2023 can understand - but thanks to our 2022/23 Connecting Schools Grant and the collective patience of our school team and @[Carol-Ann Prinsloo(], we got there in the end! With rising costs we weren’t able to cover the cost of the bike racks with our grant, but our amazing P&C have chipped in to finish the project. While you can see from the photo that the racks are not in yet, before the school year is out these students will be enjoying easy access to new undercover bike racks. Happy days! Thanks Your Move for helping us make this major improvement to our school!

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James (Your Move)

It's a super shelter, and fits in so nicely with the existing buildings 😊. Although, looking at that sky you wouldn't think it ever rains in Albany 😂. You have earned 80 points for this significant upgrade of bike parking, 20 points for acquiting the grant and 10 points for sharing your reflections.

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