Our Active Transport Journey

Paul Carron
Albany Primary School

Below is a poster that is being distributed across our school outlining our active transport journey from the start of 2021 till now. We have worked hard this year on initiatives such as an active transport challenge and constructing a mountain bike track on school grounds, so to see the impact this is having on active transport rates is very satisfying and motivational. Based on data from the hands up survey, from the start of 2021 till now we have doubled the amount of students using active transport at our school. Our numbers are currently increasing as well which is very encouraging. We hope to be able to hold these numbers where they are and even build on them into the future. We know this will be challenging but we hope the change in culture at the school around active transport is long term. We are planning to use some YourMove grant money to construct new bike storage facilities to make riding to school even easier at APS.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Paul - you and the team at Albany PS have come up with a simple but very effective way of conveying the positive impact of your efforts - well done! A doubling of AT is a brilliant result. You have earned 15 points for taking the time to find this effective way of communicating your successes with the school. You have also earned 15 points for your innovation and 10 for sharing all the details here.

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