People power makes mountain bike trail a reality

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Our Albany Primary Your Move crew are beyond excited to see this project taking shape! Thanks to a successful 2021 Connecting Schools Grant and a very fruitful partnership with the amazing team at Outdoors Great Southern, we now have a 330m beginner mountain bike trail that is super close to being ready for our lucky kiddos to ride on. This would not be possible without the absolute army of volunteers who turned out in the rain on Saturday to make it all happen, along with some very generous donations from local businesses. What a team! Stay tuned for the official opening, once the track has dried out a little bit...

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James (Your Move)

I've been hearing about this project Andrea - great to see it coming together! I'm glad there have been lots of helpers - 330m of track all alone would be quite a job 😉. You have earned 65 points for making the most of this "Volunteer Power" - I'll being staying tuned for the big launch!

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