Planting the seed for the return of the Walking School Bus

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

It's been a while since we've had our fabulous Albany Primary School Walking School Bus up and running. Due to Covid we paused for part of 2020, got started again in 2021, and then paused again in 2022. So it's time to start looking for a new crop of bus drivers and walkers to help us get our bus going again! We had a great turnout of students and parents for Walk Safely to School Day earlier this term, who walked along our WSB route. We are hoping to build on that interest and have started a recruitment campaign, using our P+C Facebook page. We'll also send out a Connect notice and use the school newsletter to promote early next term. The weather is certainly not making it a very enticing prospect at the moment, but the goal is to keep working on it next term and hopefully by the time spring rolls around, we'll be good to go!

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Maybe use Winter Walk to School Week (Week 5) to kick start WSB? How about some enticements like backpack "raincoats" & YM umbrellas? Here's to APS WSB!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Andrea - nice work firing up the WSB again for 2023! For now you have earned 10 points for the social media promo and 10 for all the background details. I like Arlene's idea too! Let us know how it all goes 😊.

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