Term 1 Active Transport Challenge Wrap Up

Paul Carron

Our Term 1 Active Transport Challenge was a huge success! Throughout the 4 weeks of the challenge we noticed more bikes and scooters in the racks so we were very excited to see exactly what the results would be. We also heard the buzz around school and heard multiple reports from parents who were being 'harassed' by their kids to let them active transport to school. This included the children of a local ABC radio presenter who reached out to a member of the school's P&C active transport committee to interview them about active transport on his show. The interview can be heard at this link (interview starts at 24.22) https://www.abc.net.au/radio/greatsouthern/programs/mornings/great-southern-mornings/13788188

We were stoked with the results including 27% of the school riding at least half of the days of the challenge, 22 students active transporting every day and 67% of students active transporting at least once. We feel that this is a huge boost from the pre-challenge active transport rates. This challenge was a trial run to see how it would go, and off the back of its success we have committed to run a challenge every term as we believe it has had a huge impact on active transport rates across the school.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks so much for sharing your wrap of the Active Transport Challenge, Paul. What a great success, and it is exciting to hear that the challenge will continue each term. You have earned another 20 points (on top of the 60 points you earned in March for the challenge launch) for sharing this review of the challenge and for including those encouraging participation rates. You have also earned 30 points for getting Your Move in the local media 😃! I look forward to hearing about the Term 2 edition - and remember that you can get 60 points for each term that you give us an update story on the AT challenge.

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