Term 2 Walking School Bus at APS

Andrea Smithson

The Walking School Bus team is in for the long haul that is otherwise known as Term 2! We've got a very self sufficient and manageable group at the moment, which always makes life easier heading into the winter months. Always love the little chats and things that the kids share as they start the unwind from the school day!

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Oh Andrea this is literally a walk in the park! What a wonderful aspect; how could anybody not be happy walking along here? Go the WSB !

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It really is the best Arlene, we are so lucky!

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James (Your Move)

Oh how your stories always make me feel 'home' sick for Albany (I had summer holidays there most years as a child)! Great to hear the WSB is well established at APS and the kids are appreciating all the benefits. You have earned 90 points for continuing the WSB in Term 2.

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