Thunderbolts and lightening!

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Bike Week - Albany style!

It’s our second day of thunderstorms, with lots of rain today to add to the fun. Still, our Your Move student team have been stamping lots of star cards for our hardy bike and scooter riders during the week, with prizes to be handed out at tomorrow’s assembly for the week’s most regular riders.

Fingers crossed for some better weathe tomorrow for Ride2School Day!

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David (Your Move)

Weather like that certainly makes it tough Andrea! I just checked the forecast for tomorrow... looks better but still not great. Those that do make the effort tomorrow will certainly deserve their stamps!

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James (Your Move)

I know they breed them tough in the Great Southern - so I'm confident tomorrow will be a great day at Albany PS! You automatically received 20 points for correctly linking your story to the StarCards activity. I look forward to your R2SD story!

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