Walk to School Day at Albany Primary

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

We dodged the rain for the Walk to School this morning, with our willing walkers (more than 100 of them) rewarded with a sticker and a muffin when they arrived at school. Asking parents for donations of muffins was a great way for the Your Move team to reach out to others in the school community and give them a way to get involved. Big thanks to all those who walked and/or baked!

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James (Your Move)

Good rain dodging (not always so easy on the Rainbow Coast, I know!). Your event earned you 40 points plus another 10 points for sharing the number and reflecting on gettting volunteers involved.

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I love the idea of families donating baked goods as a way to connect with parents to help spread the word of the event day and also to reward those for joining in on the walk. 100 participants is a great effort. Well done Albany PS!

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