Walking School Bus gets started for 2020

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Our Walking School Bus is off and running (walking?) for 2020, with lots of new faces in terms of supervisors and students walking with us. We're providing more than 80 'trips' on the bus each week, over 4 afternoons. One of the great things that has happened this year is to see the growing independence of some of the older kids who have been on the bus for the last few years. We have a few year 5 students who still have younger siblings on the bus, but the older kids are walking solo - they can walk with us if they like, but if they want to go ahead then that's ok too. It's a great step for them, and also great for parents with kids of different ages that need different levels of supervision!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back Andrea and all at Albany PS! I'm very happy to hear that your WSB is straight back into it - and 80 trips a week no less! That is really impressive. And I'm particularly interested to read about the older kids springboarding off the WSB to walk more independently, as there has been some debate in the past about whether a WSB does foster independent walking - so I'm happy to hear that in Albany it certainly does! Having your WSB run in term 1 has earned you 90 points, plus a bonus 10 for sharing those details.

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