Week 9 is School Bus Week at APS

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Our Your Move student team will be in action again next week, as we run our first ever School Bus Week at Albany Primary. For a country town, we are really well serviced by school buses with routes coming from all parts of town to our school. Our Your Move parent team have long thought that increasing bus usage would be a great way to decrease car trips to school - and so School Bus Week was born!

Last week we ran a story in the newsletter to let our school community know what we were planning. This included the new 'School buses made simple' map, which takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out which bus system applies to which area. We also provided some suggestions on where to catch the bus from some of the key CBD locations in town - a different spin on Park and Ride.

In week 9, our student team will be stamping star cards for all our students who have caught the bus to school each morning. At the assembly at the end of the week, there'll be a raffle draw for some great Your Move prizes for our regular bus catchers. Our hope is that the week will encourage more families to find out what their school bus options are, and to take up catching the school bus as a part of their normal school day routine.

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James (Your Move)

Andrea this sounds like a really well thought out campaign. Please keep us in the loop as it progresses. At this stage you have received 15 points for 'promote PT' activity plus 22 points for your newsetter story. After the event week happens you can get extra points for the week itself and the assembly.

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