Winter sunshine for the APS Walking School Bus

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Not only does the Walking School Bus reduce traffic congestion around our school, and help kids to get physically active - it also gives us the opportunity to appreciate our surroundings on a glorious winter's day like this one!

This term we are focusing on recruiting some new walkers to supervise our kids. We had a lot of our regular people away or unwell last term, which showed us just how much we are in need of some back up! We'd also like to be able to take on more kids, and on some days we are at full capacity.

We've had to get a bit creative, as our efforts last term to advertise through the school newsletter, P+C facebook page, and by directly contacting local seniors groups didn't get the response we'd hoped for. So this term we are using our contacts in our adjacent high school, and exploring the options for some of their students to help us out as part of their volunteering requirements. Fingers crossed this is going to work out!

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James (Your Move)

A lovely term update for the WSB Andrea. Yes, it is one of the aspects of WSB that you do need to boost your supply of volunteers every now and then. I really like your creative idea of working with the local high school students. I always love the Albany photos you post - and this one is no exception! You automatically received 70 points for your term 3 update, and I just added another 10 points for all the extra details you included.

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Thanks James - we are pretty lucky to have this as our daily (walking) commute, that's for sure.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Andrea, I agree with James, what a beautiful walk to school. How did you go with recruiting some new student-volunteers?

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