Year 5 Bike Education

Paul Carron
Albany Primary School

We are 2 weeks down and one to go of our 3 week long Year 5 bike ed sessions. Our first session ran on Thursday of week 5 and our second session on Thursday of week 6, we took a week off in week 7 due to inter-school sport carnivals and will be back at it again this Thursday for our final session.

This is the second time I (PE teacher) have run bike ed for the year 5s at APS, but I have to say I am much happier with how this years sessions have gone compared to previous years. Much of this is due to what I have been able to implement from I learnt at the bike ed PD held in Albany recently by WestCycle. I believe that this has made my lessons more engaging and with improved learning outcomes for the students.

Whilst it would be amazing to have bike ed professionals deliver to our students, it can often be difficult in Albany to make this work, so the next best thing is what has happened here - to have professionals pass their knowledge on to us by way of PD and then let us take the reins. This also provides us with much more flexibility to deliver the lessons in a way that works for our school. In this particular case, 3 lessons over 4 weeks worked best for us due to the interruption of inter-school sport and also our school wanting to avoid having these lessons delivered as a block over a few days due to the interruption this brings to classroom teachers.

I would again like to thank WestCycle for delivering this PD and the city of Albany for assisting with funding. This has enabled our school to deliver high quality bike education in a way that is convenient for our school and thereby keeps the decision makers happy.

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James (Your Move)

Great story Paul - it is really interesting to hear how valuable the 'train the trainer' course was for you and how you have tweaked what you did last year. You have earned 80 point for running the bike ed and 20 points for your reflections here.

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