Our year 6 students have commenced bike ed for this year. The program is run by a very bike enthusiastic year 6 teacher and will end in a whole year level group ride of a section of the Munda Biddi track. She is lucky enough to receive a fair bit of support from parents to be able to run this program including use of bike trailers to transport all of the bikes to the ride destination.

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James (Your Move)

First up - I have to say how much I love seeing that retro (70s?) blue mixte frame bike out there in the thick of the bike ed session! But more importantly... that is wonderful that your teacher is able to deliver bike ed to the year 6s. I look forward to hearing how the Munda Biddi excursion goes later on! You have earned 80 points for these sessions and 10 points for giving us the details. Sometime, you could let us know about all the ways volunteers at Albany PS are helping out with Your Move, to earn 65 points for the "Volunteer Power" activity 😁.

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