YourMove Teacher Relief Day (2)

Paul Carron
Albany Primary School

At my recent teacher relief day I was able to....

- Get our active transport championship back up and running

- Create and add to our school calendar new "bike club" dates

- Send information out to other staff about becoming trained on how to open and run our mountain bike track while they are on duty at break times

- Continue discussions with my principal about creating a page on the school website with information about the mountain bike track including the track opening schedule and the link that parents need to use to provide permission for their student to ride the track in the out of school hours sessions

- Get information out the school community about the bike track and the parent helper track opening schedule, I'm hoping to get volunteers add their name to the schedule in the coming days.

- Discuss bike ed at the school with my principal who has agreed to have bike ed delivered to the year 4's, 5's and 6's this year. Previously this has only been for the year 6's, the past couple of years we have also delivered to the year 5's, this will be the first year that the year 4's will receive bike ed as well!

The YourMove teacher relief days make being a YourMove champion significantly easier as it creates time for teachers to complete the often time consuming work that being a YourMove champion involves. Thanks again to YourMove for providing this!

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Hi Paul, super productive days work and here's hoping you do get some more volunteers on board. Can you give us some more detail on the Active Transport Championship to see if we can reward points. As your lunchtime MTB sessions are essentially a reward for students who ride to school, you have earned 50 point for "Run and Active Travel rewards campaign". You have gained 10 bonus points for your outstanding effort, plus 15 for your strategic planning! Oh and 10 more for your story detail! Bike track idea is brilliant! 🚲

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