YourMove Teacher Relief Day

Paul Carron
Albany Primary School

As a teacher who has been working hard on YourMove for a couple of years now, it was a welcome relief to finally take a YourMove teacher relief day today to help with some of the load that is otherwise picked up in personal time out of normal work hours. I would highly encourage any other YourMove Champions to use these days to avoid burnout that may lead to reducing engagement levels with the YourMove program. Thanks to YourMove and the DOT for acknowledging the workload carried by YourMove Champions by providing these days!

In my YourMove day I was able to...

- Prepare spreadsheets for next term's Active Transport Championship

- Prepare a template letter for teachers to use to inform parents about "freewheeling time" when their class wins one

- Create posts to the school's facebook page about an upcoming ride to school breakfast, as well as information about and some photos of a recent freewheeling session

- Create a YourMove story about our "freewheeling hour" reward

- Start work on the course booklet and online module for the upcoming "Teacher Accreditation Course: Cycling" that I will be doing the practical session for during the school holidays

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James (Your Move)

You certainly put this relief time to good use Paul. Thanks for the positive feedback on the value of this 😊. You have earned 15 points for this planning session, 10 points for you use of social media this term and another 10 for sharing all the outcomes of your relief time. If your Teacher Accrediation Course is funded by a grant, make sure you let us know! I look forward to hearing how the practical session goes. See you in October 😊.

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