ARRB meet Your Move, Your Move...this is ARRB

Catherine LeGrand
ARRB Group

Since reengaging in this initiative, the team at ARRB was also reintroduced to the Your Move program.

Stealing 15 minutes from our Monday morning’s meeting, as project champion, I presented ARRB with the fundamentals of the Your Move program and tasked them with completing our travel survey. One thing I like to include in my presentations is statistics and they don’t lie when it shows how were are heavily reliant on personal transportation for commuting. At the moment, implementation of this program has been smooth however I think being a small office has helped. You don’t want to be the one person who doesn’t fill out the survey when everyone else had 😊.

Lastly, the presentation outlined some goals to strive for in the upcoming months including the establishment of both a Your Move Working Group and a Bicycle Use Group. In the meantime, while waiting on the results from the Travel Survey, the next few months will focus on taking the opportunity to exchange one commute for a cycle/bus/walk, etc. and thinking how we as individuals can improve our transportation needs in everyday life.

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Catherine. Good to have ARRB back on board. Your new office in Subiaco is well located (near train station and shared path) so good starting point for moving the dial on how people get to and from work. Please contact the Your Move team if we can offer some ideas or comment on your draft plan.

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James (Your Move)

Well it seems your 15 minutes of fame will really pay off, Catherine! Your launch of your travel survey has earned you 50 points - don't forget to let us know the results. Thanks also for sharing some of your immediate goals - make sure you let us know when they come to fruition as there will certainly be more points coming when you get your Working Group and BUG in place amongst other things. Making your story a good read has again earned you a 10 point bonus. See you soon!

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