New Digs in Subiaco

Catherine LeGrand
ARRB Group

In the end of March 2020, ARRB relocated from Leederville to a brand-new office located on Hood Street in Subiaco. This new office is in a building with fabulous amenities that provides many commuting options for us employees.

First of all, the Subiaco train station is visible from our office making commuting via rail/public transport super easy with only a 3 minute walk from the station.

Cycling will be a popular option as the cycling facilities with locker storage in this building are amazing. At the moment there are a few users and its not too crowded but I imagine once summer comes this room should become busier.

The shower facilities are brand new, very clean and well maintained. Definitely some of the best facilities I've seen so far in my working career.

All these end of trip facilities provides many alternative options with getting to work. The next goal will be conducing a new travel survey to see how the ARRB team commutes to the new office.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see you onboard Catherine! I see now what you were saying about the excellent new location and facilities. I have linked your story to the activity "Install or upgrade bike parking" which gives you 80 YM points. Even though you didn't actually install the parking, clearly when choosing your new location your organisation placed a strong emphasis on the quality of these facilities which facilitate active travel. So that is definitely worth the 80 points. You also received a bonus 10 points for taking the time to write a story that will engage the reader. So with the automatic points you get for including photos your first post has amassed a very worthy 106 points. You are off to a flying start - see you soon!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Catherine, the new digs look great and really well located - so close to the train station and the Fremantle Line PSP. If you are wondering how to fill up that bike parking there are some great ideas on the website - from bike to work challenges, to promotion, to individual coaching for new riders to help them build confidence, choose a route and skill up. If you are interested drop as an email to the

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Thanks Kylie! I have been a big supporter of cycling as I am currently working on my fitness for taking on the Half Ironman Bike Leg in October. I will be putting up heaps of bike stories as we go. But i'm still finding ways to engage the office into bike riding!

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