Ashfield Primary School's Walking Mondays

Carmen Van der Linde
Ashfield Primary School

As part of Ashfield Primary School's new focus on the environmental, physical and social wellbeing of staff and students, a term plan was created. A goal for environmental wellbeing was to take our students outside of the classroom more often and when we joined Your Move, a perfect opportunity arose. By comparing our Your Move initial plan (attached) and our school wellbeing planner, we were able to create an idea which would teach students road safety (an identified concern) while also allowing them to engage socially, environmentally and physically.

We decided to implement an ongoing Monday routine whereby the whole school meets at an allocated area at 8.45am and walks around the perimeter of the school. Each week has an allocated goal which includes crossing the road safely and mapping safe areas to cross the road. Next year, when our students are used to the new routine, we will expand the perimeter of their walk to local areas where they often cross the road, for example IGA, local park and even the river.

Our students have absolutely loved Walking Mondays, especially because they get to walk with students from other classrooms. See attached some photos of our school enjoying our new whole-school approach and a document which outlines the procedures that may help other schools set up a walking day.

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James (Your Move)

Carmen this is a brilliant new activity. I love your approach to practical road safety education. I also really like your systematic methodology of identifying the issues, barriers and solutions - a model approach to behaviour change! You have received 70 points for your regular walking club activity, plus a few bonuses - 20 points for giving enough detail for other schools to replicate this, 30 points for uploading your very useful procedure document and 20 points for your innovation.

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Kylie (Your Move)

What a great idea! I'm going to share this one with my Principal.

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