It All Started With A Simple Plan

Carmen Van der Linde
Ashfield Primary School

At Ashfield Primary School we have been very busy implementing some new Your Move routines and experiences throughout the year. Throughout this week we will share some of the activities we found most successful, starting all the way from the very first step we took…PLANNING!

To ensure that the Your Move program for 2019 aligned with the school's vision and outcomes for the year, the principal and I met with David, a coordinator of the Your Move team. We discussed our school's need for improved bike storage facilities, community engagement with the program and a more routine based approach to the program as to ensure that it will become in in-built part of our school's day-to-day learning experiences.

David informed us of the opportunities for grants where schools can be supported to achieve goals such as new bike storage facilities, which we then incorporated into the rest of the planning. We collaboratively discussed activities which would support our needs which involved Bike Education Sessions, Helmet Day, Your Move Rotation Day etc.

As our school is built on community values, we organise a meeting with the rest of the staff to discuss the program and times where it may be most convenient to engage in these set activities. One piece of advice for any new schools joining the Your Move team would be to be open and inclusive in the planning stage of the program as this helps to ensure that all staff are engaged and onboard in making a change.

Attached is the planner which was presented to our team and it outlines activities such as walking Mondays, surveys, newsletters, advertisement, certificates and incursions. For each activity we provided:


 A brief description

  • Identified the individuals involved

  • Proposed dates

  • Outcomes to be achieved (these align with school priorities)


Please feel free to use this template when planning a new term's Your Move outline. We have found it very useful, just make sure that the outcome align with your own school's priorities to make it a valued program.

Keep looking out for further posts this week to see some exciting new initiatives.


Have a wonderful week,

Ashfield Primary's Your Move Team


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James (Your Move)

Hi Carmen - thanks for this outline of how the YM team can help you with your inital planning. I think other new schools will find this really useful. You have earned 25 points for getting your plan together and a bonus 10 for outlining the session with Davis so clearly. Uploading your actual plan has also earned you another 10 points.

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