Organising Your move Leader Routines

Carmen Van der Linde
Ashfield Primary School

Let me just start off by saying to any schools considering the implementation of a Your Move Student Team…IT IS SO WORTH IT! Yes it takes planning, organisation and a can-do-attitude to get it up and running but when it becomes a weekly or daily routine, it almost takes care of itself (please see a previous post to find all planning documents and permission required to start this program). At Ashfield PS we pride ourselves in whole school structures and team-work, which meant that our Your Move Team needed to reflect these values. We achieved this by collaboratively brainstorming with students possible roles that they can undertake, which produced some very creative ideas! Here are the ideas that we decided would be appropriate, timely and achievable:

  • Greeting students in the mornings at school gates
  • Cleaning the bike racks
  • Creating newsletter entries
  • Updates on the program during assemblies
  • Creating certificates to present to student who have walked, used public transport, bikes, buses or trains to get to school
  • Creating posters to advertise incursions and Your Move specific days

Our Your Move team meets every Thursday afternoon for 30-40 minutes and before school for 30 minutes one a week to complete set tasks, which is outlined in the Your Move Leader Planner which is attached to this post. Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post which will explain how our students use weekly data to engage their peers in Your Move.

Ashfield Primary's Your Move Team

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James (Your Move)

I really like the idea of regularly cleaning up the bike parking area - it is great to have a regular role like that and little things like having a pleasant bike parking experience can mean a lot. You have earned 10 points for your term 4 meeting, 10 points for giving us so much useful information and another 10 points for sharing your Your Move Leader weekly plan.

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