Year 2/3 Students Taking Charge

Carmen Van der Linde
Ashfield Primary School

This week we have started implementing our school's integrated D&T and Civics program that was designed to prepare our students to become Your Move Leaders, while also covering the curriculum. It was a huge success! We started off with a brainstorm (see attached photo) of ideas to reduce traffic. The students mentioned finding different modes of transport such as skateboards, tricycles, walking or using public transport. We then posed the question, "How do we do this?" The students, before getting to know Your Move, mentioned some fantastic ideas. These included: show kids that walking is fun, show the pollution cars create by using videos, class points for using clever ways to get to school, showing them how to cross the road and teach kids about other transport by using puppet shows or map activities. We then went through an introduction Power Point of Your Move activity suggestions (see attached). These slides were laminated and distributed across groups where partners worked through rotation stations to answer four questions for each suggested activity. Who is involved, what are their jobs, what equipment do they need and why is this important? The templates for this D&T and Civics activity has been attached as well as samples of what students responded with. It was absolutely brilliant to see that students were involved 100% as the lesson was about something that they will be involved in. We had many students coming in the next day offering puppets for the puppet shows, bikes for the obstacle course, other ideas they spoke to their families about, offering to paint the rewards token for homework and everyone wanted to know if they could be a Your Move Leader. I highly recommend getting students involved in this way as it becomes something that they are proud of!

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James (Your Move)

This is a model YM Schools story! Thanks for providing such a detailed outline of your brainstorm and planning session for a new YM school. You received 25 points for the activity, 20 points for the helpful details and another 20 points for uploading a particularly useful resource. An excellent 3rd story!

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What a fantastic way to engage the students in the Your Move program and integrate it into your curriculum programs. I can just feel the energy pouring out of this story. Nice work Carmen, getting your kids so enthused and well done to the kids on their ideas and contributions.

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