National Ride2School Day 2021

Chantal Scheepens
Aspiri Primary School

On Friday the 19th March 2021, Aspiri Primary School participated in National Ride2School Day. We had an absolutely incredible turnout with all our bike racks full and so many students and their parents walking or on wheels. We had at least 3/4 of our students participating in the day with the average class data showing around 4-5 students in each class came by car, 5-10 by bike and 5-10 walked which was excellent.

Just before 8am the Your Move Captains met Mrs Scheepens at the office to collect Ride2School Day stickers to hand out as students entered through our school gates, they were very excited to be given stickers, badges and snap bands to wear too. It was fantastic to see the huge crowds of students and their families actively travelling to school. Our carpark was much quieter than usual.

The Your Move captains took photos of the morning and handed out prizes to some of the students who decorated their bikes and/or helmets which was a last minute addition to our morning after being inspired by other schools stories about Ride2School Day (thank you Wellard Primary).

After the bell, our Year 1 and Pre Primary students were entertained with a wonderful show performed by Constable Care based around travelling to school and how to do it safely. On our initial hands up survey it was our junior primary who were not as active in their travel to school which is why an incursion was planned to inspire and encourage them and we chose National Ride2School Day as the perfect opportunity. Over 160 students participated in the 2 performances held on Friday morning and the show was thoroughly enjoyed. Contacting Constable Care was so easy and simple and the incursion was organised very quickly and was free which was a great bonus.

The Your Move student leaders visited each classroom and recorded the data for the day. All classes had a phenomenal result and improved on our hands up survey data. The students were excited to receive Your Move prizes that were purchased using points gained from the stories we have shared this year. As a new and rapidly growing school the Your Move program is being embraced by our school and the community are enjoying our journey so far.

During Week 8 the Your Move Captains will sort through the 100s of colouring in competitions and choose some outstanding posters which will be awarded with Your Move prizes including: books, bike bells, snap bands, compact mirrors and drink bottles. We had an overwhelmingly large amount of entries and we look forward to sharing them too.

Aspiri Primary enjoyed our first Your Move special event and we look forward to planning more throughout 2021 and beyond.
Shortly I will link our school newsletter which will have an article about Ride2School Day and our colouring in competition. That same newsletter will be introducing Your Move to our community and share our first hands up survey data.

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James (Your Move)

That sure is one bumper edition there Chantal - no wonder you had to go into overtime posting that story! Great to hear your big day went off so well and that you managed to add in the Dress Up component. Good work too getting the Constable Care incursion to happen on the same day. Everyone's efforts clearly went rewarded with such a big turnout - and here are a few more rewards too... 40 points for the event, 20 for the Dress Up add on, 25 for the Constable Care incursion, 10 points for sharing your participation rates and a big 30 points for writing such an amazing story on the day!

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