National Walk to School Day at Aspiri 2021

Chantal Scheepens
Aspiri Primary School

On Thursday 13th May, 2021, 3 staff members from Aspiri Primary School went to Woolworths, Harrisdale to collect a large donation of fresh fruit for our event. On Friday 14th May, we awoke to a drab, cold and grey morning. We weren’t sure how many students would active travel to school on a day that looked so bland and with the chance of rain but we had a fabulous turn out.

Early in the morning several staff arrived early to set up trestle tables at our school gates and to separate the fantastic donation of fresh bananas, apples and mandarins. Our student leaders arrived at 8am and along with our teaching staff and administration team, headed to the gates ready to meet our active travellers.

Each Friday morning we also hold a running club which approximately 200 students and their families join in running laps of our large community oval. They have just about reached 1000 laps!

As the students came through the gates they were given Your Move, stickers, raffle tickets for a prize draw and a piece of fruit. The students were excited to be given a piece of fruit and the chance to win some prizes.

Later in the day our Your Move student leaders conducted a Hands Up survey. Of the 682 students who were present at school that day, 432 actively travelled to school and only 250 came via car! We are very proud of these results and of our community for supporting the Your Move program.

Our school Facebook page has 2 stories relating to National Walk to School Day and there is also a thank you and acknowledgement of the donation on our local community Facebook Page.

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James (Your Move)

You were not alone in being worried about the weather Chantal - quite a few schools thought the same, but it seems the day was a grand success for everyone - especially those at Aspiri PS 😀! You earned 40 points for your big event day - well done. There were a few extras too - 10 points for sharing your participation rates (63% is excellent 😎), 10 points for posting on Facebook this term, and another 20 points for giving us an all-round great story to read! Keep up the great work.

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