Term 2 Super Boost- Bike Safety Check

Chantal Scheepens
Aspiri Primary School

On Thursday 27th May, Aspiri Primary School received one of our Term 2 Super Boost rewards: 30 free bike safety checks.

On National Walk to School Day we gave participating students a raffle ticket. It was decided that the 30 free bike safety checks would be a reward drawn from the raffle. The 30 lucky students were chosen at random and were given a green card which they swapped on the day for a red tag to place on their bikes.

Mrs Scheepens met many parents and students at the gate and was happy to discuss Your Move with them and acknowledge how fortunate we are to receive the safety checks- many parents were very impressed and expressed their appreciation at our school receiving this reward.

Our Your Move student leaders came and helped with putting the tags on the bikes and were keen to watch Fletcher from BikeDr assess the bikes. He checked each bike over to ensure they were assembled properly and all parts were up to standard and of good working condition. Most of our bikes were in great condition and were safe which is excellent news.

During the checks our school Principal, Mr Noel Morgan, brought his own bike out from the office for a safety check. Fletcher was able to explain what some of the parts on his bike are used for and how they work. Well done to Mr Morgan for leading the way with active travel to school. He rides to school at least once a week which is excellent role modelling for our community.

Whilst waiting at the gate Mrs Scheepens witnessed many students not wearing helmets which has led to a reminder in our newsletter about the importance of wearing a helmet. Hopefully we will see this improve and may need to think of a reward for helmet safety along with some helmet education.

Thank you to Your Move and BikeDr for providing this reward.

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James (Your Move)

It looks like I got in too quick in linking your previous story to the Super Boost grant! Not to worry - you have written such a detailed and engaging outline of how the Bike Dr experience was at Aspiri that I have given you another 20 points 😍. It is great to hear that Mr Morgan is being such a positive active travel role model - maybe some more staff will follow too 😉!

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