Walk and Roll Wednesdays!

Chantal Scheepens
Aspiri Primary School

From Week 1 (2), Term 1 2021, Aspiri Primary School has recommenced walk and Roll Wednesdays. Our student leaders award factions points for the students who actively arrive to school. Included in this story is a website publication that can be found on our school website from our very first Walk and Roll Wednesday.

These are the results from our first four weeks of term:
Haynes: 237
Baker: 238
Forrest: 249
Rossiter 263

Our school is very excited to see our Walk and Roll Wednesday become more popular and look forward to handing out Your Move prizes soon.

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James (Your Move)

Hello Chantal - that's excellent news that your Walk and Roll Wedsnesdays have been running for four weeks already! You have earned 90 points for running a regular active travel day in term 1. I have also given you 22 points for sharing the news with your school community in the newsletter, a bonus 10 for giving us all the details of how it works, and another 5 points for sharing the participation numbers. Not a bad start for the term!

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