Year 2 Health!

Chantal Scheepens
Aspiri Primary School

This week in Year 2 some of the classes participated in road safety and creating videos to show ideas on how to keep their bodies active including active travel to school. The children read stories based around healthy lifestyles to inform and encourage them to look after their bodies and the reasons why they should, including to make their bones stronger and to make their muscles work more efficiently. The children who participated in road safety practiced crossing the road and discussed the safest ways to cross and where they should cross the road.



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James (Your Move)

I'm excited to see those photos and videos! My colleague Trevor has sent you an email to help out fixing those image formats. You have earned quite a few points for these activities - 60 points for running road safety activities this term, 15 points for your lesson on the health benefits of active travel and 10 bonus points for giving us a good read and sharing the details of these activities. If you do more road safety activities this term you can still earn more bonus points for extra details.

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