Staff Travel Survey to gauge influence of Covid19 on travel habits

Sonja Stemler

Aurecon conducted a travel survey among employees to gauge the influence of Covid19 on travel habits. Employees were asked about:

- Their circumstances
- Their transport choice pre-Covid19 and post-Covid19
- How often they intend to work from the office when the office shut down ended
- Their favourite and most disliked aspects of their commute

The results for WA?

- Employees are more likely to walk, cycle or drive to work post covid than previously and less likely to catch public transport.
- 67% of employees intend to work from home 50-75% of the time
- The top three factors affecting travel choice are safety, convenience and travel time

This information gives us excellent insight into our employees preferences and can be repeated in future to identify any behaviour change. We will use this to focus our efforts as we launch into a number of activities for Bike Month in October and continue the Fight for Planet A!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing the results of your post-Covid travel survey Sonja. It is positive to hear that so many staff will potentially be reducing their commute kilometres by working from home regularly. Was there a breakdown on the likelihood of using active transport (separate from cars)? I'm looking forward to hearing how bike month goes. In the meantime, you have received 100 points (on top of 50 for the survey) for sharing Aurecon's fight for Planet A. Have a wonderful weekend!

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Sonja. Working from home can make a big difference to a workplace's carbon footprint. I read a US study that found that for office/knowledge based organisations, commuting by employees can be a large slice of the carbon pie. With fewer staff commuting every work day, and I expect few are flying for business, carbon emissions should be much lower. Of course riding a bicycle is a great no carbon option too so it will be good to hear how your Bike Month activities go.

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