2019 Connecting Schools Grant

Jessica Truss

Wow! What a journey it has been in unlocking this grant. We would like to say a huge thank you to Your Move and LEDA for working so closely with us to make our idea of creating a safer and more active student body at BSC a reality with the help of the Connecting Schools Grant.

We are currently in the final stages of this process and have been lucky enough to secure 25 new bike racks and fencing in order to extend our current student bike rack. We have noticed that the bike rack that we currently have is not big enough to house all of the bikes and scooters that our students bring to school, so we had the vision of either making a new bike cage or extending our existing one, while at the same time addressing the issue of safety around the bike cage as it is in the same vicinity as the staff car park.

Our final plan has been to extend the existing bike cage to make it bigger and to completely fence off the staff car park so no student is able to enter from the carpark gate, hence making this area completely safe for students riding their bikes to school. We can't wait to see the final product and look forward to promoting this through our school's facebook and local community media networks to encourage more students to use active transport to get to school. Finished photos to come :)

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James (Your Move)

That is an impressive bike park you are working on Jessica! I can see why you are so excited. Thanks for sharing that excitement and all the details of your plans - it has also earned you 40 points!

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