Baldivis Secondary College Access Map

Jessica Truss
Baldivis Secondary College

Only a little over two weeks until we are back to school to start 2018! We have so many things to look forward to this year on the YourMove front and can't wait to continue to build our YourMove Green Team and encourage the students and wider community at Baldivis to be active and healthy in their travels and lifestyle. To start off, we are hopefully going to see the implantation of the footpath stencils before the start of Term 1 (watch this space). Secondly, we have received our Access Map which is a resource to be used by our students and parents showing the most commonly used routes to walk or ride to the College as well as bus serves and timetables. Thanks so much to Emma Jack at YourMove and the Department of Transport for organising this for us!

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Thank you; we look forward to hearing more on YourMove Green Team and Best Wishes for Term 1 2018.

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Great start to 2018, Jess. Look forward to chatting with you about your Access Map. This is on our "to do" list for this year. Please bring along an AM to our COR networking session in February so you can tell us all about it and guide us on the right path!

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I love these access guides so much! I hope you and the students find them useful, be really interested to know how they go. Yes, Emma has done an amazing job putting this together! :)

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