This week in our weekly Tuesday Green Team meeting we put our artistic skills to work and prepared some posters advertising Bike Week. We have decided to run a similar competition to our Footprint Fridays every day during Bike Week and give out raffle tickets to any student who rides to school. At the end of Bike Week on Friday the winner will be drawn and receive some awesome YM prizes (which Miss Truss received in the mail today, thanks Trevor and the guys at YM for sorting this out for us, we really, really appreciate it). Miss Truss has also been working with our youth worker Leigh to organise some fun things to be included in our Bike Week bike race (watch this space). We have included the sign up sheet that will be put in registration folders next week asking students to sign up if they'd like to be part of the bike race.

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Great job! Really interested to hear about (and see pics of!) the bike race! Slow or fast? And with obstacles / challenges??

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