Bike Week rego competitions

Jessica Truss

Registration groups have been getting involved in the YM Green Team's Bike Week competitions over the last week! Our Green Team quickly worked throughout lunch time today to score all of the competitions and we have the winners of the icy poles, VIVOs, Boomer Shield points and raffle tickets!

The Bike Week Questionnaire winners: 1st - Rixom 2 with 42 points, 2nd - Rixom 1 with 41 points, 3rd - Mackinnon 8 and Mackinnon 11 tied with 40 points.
Their prize was Boomer shield points, which is a competition run throughout the year to promote and encourage collaboration amongst rego classes.

The Design a Bike competition winners (shout out to Peel 7 for adding a compost bin to their bike - see pics below) 1st – Peel 7, 2nd – Peel 8, 3rd – Peel 14. Their prize was raffle tickets for every students in the rego class.

The Green Regos competition (the most sustainable rego) winners: 1st – Rixom 2 with 82% of students taking active transport to school, 2nd – Peel 14 with 80% of students taking active transport to school and 3rd – Peel 7.03 with 79% of students taking active transport to school. The winner for most walkers was Peel 13 with 10 students and the winner for most riders was Mackinnon 7 and Peel 7.3. Their prizes were Boomer Shield points, VIVO points for everyone in each rego and icy poles for everyone in the rego class that came 1st which was Rixom 2.

We have also had our YM Green Team coming to school early every morning this week and monitoring the bike racks to give out raffle tickets to all students who ride their bike to school. Prizes for the big Bike Week raffle will be drawn on Friday! Tomorrow we have our lunch time Bike Race competition with over 40 students signed up to participate! Watch this space :)

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Super effort with your planning & "overtime" lunch time work, Green Team. Great efforts & participation, students. What great results!

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James (Your Move)

You've done a great job of adding value to the registration process of Bike Week through these 3 competitions - nice innovation. I'm impressed with the humanure "compost bin".

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