City of Rockingham ft. YourMove Activation Event Planning Meeting

Jessica Truss

On Monday after school, Miss Truss and Miss Mallen attended a meeting at the City of Rockingham to discuss and plan a collaboration event between the City of Rockingham and YourMove schools aiming to bring together a larger network of schools in the City of Rockingham and surrounding local governments. The meeting will include a number of activities, one of which being a workshop which will be delivered by some of our Green Team students next term. In a 'kids teaching kids' format, we have planning on a 15-20 minute workshop to deliver 3 times to about 25 students in each group. Today in our Green Team meeting we will be discussing who will be delivering the workshop and some ideas for what to deliver, being the first and one of the most involved Your Move secondary schools in WA. Watch this space.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the details of how the activation event is going to work - it sounds like a marvellous collaboration. We'll award the YM activity points when you update us on how the day goes - for now I've given you 10 points for the details you have outlined.

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