Farewell to our Year 12 Green Team members

Jessica Truss
Baldivis Secondary College

Today we had our last Green Team meeting for the Term and farewelled our Year 12's as they get through their last week as high school students before their ATAR exams in a few weeks! Some of our Year 12's have been a part of the Green Team since they started school in Year 8 and have made a huge impact to the culture of not only our team for the past 5 years but also to the student body at our college. When we started the Green Team we focussed on the Travel Smart and WasteWise programs and had Neha and Daniel start our Footprint Friday tradition and attend the Travel Smart Awards breakfast at Kings Park where BSC won our first Innovate Award for being the first school to implement the Primary School based Travel Smart program into a High School setting. Since then we have welcomed Taliesha, Jacsinta, Keshav and Brayden and have transitioned from Travel Smart to Your Move and won a second Innovate Award last year for our work on the Year 7 Transition Project. Over their time in the Green Team and especially over the last 2 years the Year 12's have acted as leaders and friends to new students joining our team from all year groups, as well as colleagues to myself by taking on planning and sharing my workload to achieve success in the events that we've run, all while completing their Year 12 WACE with most of them excelling in their ATAR subjects.

Today in our weekly meeting they reflected on their contributions to the Green Team over the last 5 years and discussed some of their highlights. One of the main consistent highlights was how rewarding it has been to see a change in the attitude and awareness of students at the college in terms of active transport and living an active lifestyle over the years, as well as the fact that the Green Team has been like a family and it how it has always been a safe environment for them to express their ideas, creativity, leadership and have fun while doing it. As the teaching coordinator of the Green Team for the past 5 years I am so sad to see these wonderful humans leave our school as they have been a huge help to me with every event that we have organised, but I know that they are moving on to bigger and better things and will excel in anything and everything that they put their minds to. I know that they will continue to be exceptional advocates for positive change and sustainability in our world. Well done, thank you and good luck to you all!

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I second your comments & compliments, Jess. I have had the pleasure & honour to meet some of these outstanding leaders of the future. Like you, I know they will continue to make valuable contributions wherever they are. Well done, departing Green Team members & very best wishes for wonderful futures.

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James (Your Move)

Jess, that is a beautiful reflection on the contributions of your highly valued departing Green Team members. It was clearly incredibly rewarding to have had the opportunity to work with them and to have facilitated their growth - well done! You have received 15 points for your reflection plus a bonus 10 points for warming my heart (i.e providing such rich details).!

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