Green Day Presentation Night

Jessica Truss

On Wednesday night the Green Team presented their plan for the BSC Green Day at the CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge Presentation Night. The presentation night showcased projects from a number of different schools, all with the aim of improving the education of sustainability, and to ultimately motivate people in their schools and the wider community to be positive change makers for our environment.

The Green Team's Green Day will consist of a number of stalls that students and staff can get involved in, all to highlight the sustainability issues that we face in our school and in our community. One of our main stalls will showcase our smoothie bike with the aim of encouraging students at our school to actively travel to and from school.

A big thank you to the Green Team for all their hard work in planning this showcase, and especially to Bella McLean, Meagan Tong, Caitlen Sultana, Keeley Hogarth and Danica Henning for spending their Wednesday night presenting our project to raise awareness and empower others to take real action on these issues. Thank you also to Ms Parolo, Mr Mattioli, Miss Bowen and Miss Daly for coming along to help set up and support the Green Team in their sustainability endeavours. Also, a big thank you to Mrs McLean and all the other parents who came to show their support. We appreciate all the support.

Green Day will be planned to take place in Term 4 (watch this space).

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James (Your Move)

What a fantastic opportunity for the Green Team to get out there and showcase all their plans for the Green Day. Thanks for sharing about the CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge - I wasn't aware of that before. The team have earned themselves 40 points for the presentation, and you have earned 20 points for sharing an engaging and informative story! Looking forward to hearing about he big day in Term 4 😊.

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