Green Team Celebratory Rewards Excursion

Jessica Truss

Our green team has done a lot this semester that deserves to be celebrated! We’ve run four Footprint Friday’s, given out hundreds of dollars of gift vouchers and active travel prizes to active travelling students at the college, completed a whole-school hands up survey adding to college and state wide data collection, planned, ran and reflected on activities such as Bike Week, Walk Safely to School Day & delivered a free healthy breakfast to our students, designed a new Green Team logo and ordered new shirts, displayed at the Clubs Expo and have also kickstarted on a lot of work behind the scenes to start planning community and college-wide projects. These upcoming projects include kids teaching kids’, primary school student-run events and the City of Rockingham/YourMove activation event (student-lead) presentation for next semester. So, yesterday we celebrated the Green Team’s hard work with a Rewards Excursion. We took our bikes out for the whole day and did some fun group activities outside such as a ‘Pimp my bike’ competition, balloon and 3-legged races as well as some project management planning for changes we want to see in the Baldivis community. The Green Team also did an audit of all of the active travel and community messages that are being promoted around Stocklands and the Baldivis community hub so we can then analyse the gaps and work on improving active travel communication and advertisement in our local community. Just quietly, how lucky am I to be able to work with these amazing kids! Thanks Mr Russel for getting the bikes ready for us to use!

(p.s. I have 30 more photos but the website will only allow me to post these).

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James (Your Move)

I can just feel the flow of all that positive energy! I really love all the elements you have put into your celebration activity Jessica. You have earnt 15 points for the celebration in itself, with a 30 point bonus for the outstanding nature all all the activities you integrated with it. Your AT message audit has earned 15 points plus another 30 point bonus for the innovation of that idea. And just to top it off, another 10 points for making it all such an inspiring read!

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Well done Green Team, Jess & Chloe. What an inspiration. The future is in good hands with these young leaders who are looking beyond their backyard (ie school) to see how they can affect change.

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